Geneva, Ohio
Not resolved

I had there system for 6 mo. and it was the biggest mistake I have made.

They said that a rep would help with setup which is not true. They will give you some one on a phone that is not equipped for proper setup so your system never works right from day one, You call and they keep giving you different reps but never solve the problems. When you go out and buy a new landline system and spend 2000.00 they tell you that they have a special group to solve your problem. This is after you have called and cancelled the service but the next month you see that they have charged your credit card account.

You call and get some one who reads you a disclaimer that says they can charge you that additional month so if you want your money back you have to get a lawyer. I called in late September and was billed for October and if I had not raised holy *** I would have paid for November as well.

So if you are thinking about this company think hard because it is not what it seems these are not honest people. *** *** ***

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