I was a customer of Vonage for over 5 years. I wasn't using the service for several months and decided to cancel. After numerous attempts to sell me a service I wasn't going to use, the "customer service" representative stated that I would not get a refund for the amount that I still had credited to my account. She told me to look at the "contract" for clarification. It's extremely unfortunate that, after being a "loyal" customer (as the representative elegantly stated) for over 5 years, I am not even rewarded for my "loyalty" with a simple refund.

I know that I probably wont get a refund. Just wanted to let those who are considering to know the facts. There are plenty providers out there that offer cheaper and better service.

It was a great service... until now. I decided to look at all of the Vonage reviews on-line, and amazingly I find that I am among the many that had the same issue.


Monetary Loss: $40.

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