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Last November I ordered Vonnage for $9.95 month, the bills for the first three months were double that, then doubled again for the next three months, if that were not bad enough, the service never worked, it was never activated for one second. I became ill and did not have the strength to deal with this until today.

After speaking with three Vonnage customers service reps and explaining the situation, they sent me up the food chain to the manager of customer service. In all cases they insisted that they had the right to charge me $99.00 for a cancellation fee even after charging me $150.00 for not one minute of service. The customer service people are rude unresponsive and act like robots. Anyone that does business with this company should be prepared to have their invoices double the quoted rate.

I am 70 years old and ill. No amount of explaining my situation or the fact they already had made a tidy profit on my situation failed to move them. They charged me the $99.00 cancellation fee! Shame on this company.

Do business with them at your own risk. Naomi Replogle

Monetary Loss: $250.

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