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Vonage is the worst business I've had the unfortunate circumstance to be involved in. Their "first month free" is a lie, because it actually takes almost two weeks to receive your VOIP equipment.

I installed it and it never worked properly. I'm not alone go to and see the reviews for Vonage (not the one that some editor obviously was paid to write, but look at the ones written by users). They get a total of 4.2 (which I'm not sure how that computes, since it seems 80% rated Vonage as "abysmal").

Sometimes people couldn't hear me when I called them, sometimes they couldn't hear when they called me. Sometimes I couldn't hear people on the other line. Sometimes, I'd have to dial a number 6 times to get through (that's a pain when dialing overseas). This went on for two months. So I called them and told them I wanted to cancel.

I spoke to someone and they asked why I wanted to cancel the service. So I told them exactly what I just wrote here, then they said, "the account cancellation department isn't open today, call back Monday." Why did they want me to explain all that just to tell me it's closed? Idiots.

Then I called back on Monday and canceled. They charged me $89.99 to cancel a service that NEVER worked properly.

Don't ever, ever, ever try Vonage... unless you like over paying for something that doesn't work properly.

Vonage is worst business I've been exposed to in 21 years.

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This also happen to me. they missed use credit card to collect money not owned them then refuse to disconte service so they can contune service