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Vonage screwed me over by continuing charging monthly after cancellation

1. Back in July (7/28), I ported my numbers from Vonage to another provider and requested my account to be closed. I thought everything was taken care of.

2. On 9/26, I received an email from Vonage indicating charge error. It turned out one line was cancelled, but the other line miraculously stayed active despite that that number is live with another phone company.

3. I replied email, telling them this should be cancelled. I followed up with a phone call and was assured that everything was taken care of.

4. Recently on 2/5/2011, I received another email indicating charge error. I looked back my credit card history. It turned out these sleazy bastards have been charging me monthly fee all along.

5. I called them up right away and spoke with an agent named Shandel (agent ID 20522) who claimed to be a supervisor. I was welcomed to the *** land.

6. She is rude and very disrespectful.

 The record of me contacting Vonage miraculously disappeared.

 She took advantage of that I don't remember the details of something happened several month back and accused me of flip flopping.

 She said "we will get you to pay these fees. We will get to you with all our means somehow. Either your sister or cousin, someone has to pay this fee."

 She said Vonage sent out monthly bills. I NEVER received them. She said "she couldn't understand how the emails magically vanish in your inbox."

 She also Vonage won't know if a number is ported out. This sounds so comical to me because the other phone company needs to ask Vonage's PERMISSION to release the number. She also couldn't explain why one number is cancelled, but the other is still active.

 I requested refund for the monthly fees that they WRONGFULLY charged since the lines were closed. She basically said, no way, ***.

If anyone who is filing a class action lawsuit,

PLEASE let me know!!

If there is anything that can lead Vonage to bankruptcy,

PLEASE let me know how I can help!!

I will make destroying Vonage in every way I can until they fully refund the money they STOLE from my pocket!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

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In my 72 years on Earth, I have never had a worse business experience than with Vonage. I was assured that, if I signed-up with Vonage, I could keep the telephone number that I have had for 20 years.

That did not work. I was then told that, in my particular area, that promise could not be fulfilled. I attempted to cancel the Vonage service. I was informed that it would cost me $90 to do so, even though Vonage had not kept its end of the deal.

Vonage continued to bill my AMEX account, even though I had instructed them to cease. Now, get this! I called AMEX and told them to honor no more charges from Vonage. AMEX said that they could disallow the charges only with VONAGE'S consent!!!

After some efforts, I got AMEX to see my side of things and they sided with me. I would prefer to deal with street thugs rather than VONAGE


I had the same exact experience with Vonage. I had my number ported over from Vonage to Cricket.

It took me over an entire month to do so, and I was told that I had to keep my Vonage account open in the meantime. I was told that my Cricket number would be cancelled once my number was ported over. My number had been successfully ported over for an entire month, when I received an email informing that I was going to be charged for a service that I no longer had. The customer service through Vonage is terrible.

The connection sounds tinny and faraway (they must use their own VOIP service or perhaps it's outsourced.) The first time I call I was transferred twice, and once I finally got through to someone the call was dropped. I called back a second time, and I was told that it was my job to call Cricket to make sure that they sent a confirmation that the number was ported. I don't believe that a customer should serve as a mediator between two companies doing business with each other. Needless to say, I was very frustrated.

In my opinion, charging for a non-existent service is the same as thievery. I'm in on a class action law suit, and I'm certainly going to spread the word on my dissatisfaction.


I too cancelled vonage and had my number ported. Comcast took over my phone service and contacted Vonage for the number transfer.

The credit card Vonage used for monthly billing was no longer in use so Vonage sent a collection agency after me for a $40 cancellation fee as well as another monthly charge of $35. I had agreed to a one year contract with Vonage when i signed up with them. I was well into my second year. Why the cancellation fee?

Simple, their crooks who think they can push individuals around. Who wants to sue?