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vonage flat out refused to close our account !

vonage is definitely an immoral organization. And needs to be sued into oblivion.

I was a "willing" vonage customer for a couple of months.

My wife called them and signed up so we could preserve a cell number we were going to lose when we moved because that provider had no coverage at our new address.

After we moved, she decided to try more new lines, business, fax, etc.

Immediately we found we had a problem. our internet provider could not provide enough band width for vonage service to work reliably. we had moved out to the sticks and internet service is flakey at best.(no fault of vonage).

But if the phones don't work, there is no need to keep the service.

So my wife calls to cancel the service for the new numbers. THIS IS WHERE THE FUN STARTS.

The rep asks "what is the password". she tells them we never set a password. they tell her it is the password you set online when you opened the account. she explains we did not start it online. We called you and set it up on the phone.


A couple of days later our bank statement arrived and there is a withdrawal from vonage. Yes, she made the mistake of giving these crooks our bank account number for auto withdrawal.

So she calls back. this time asks to speak to a supervisor.

Again she is told NO PASSWORD, NO HELP. OR if you can tell us how much we withdrew from your account to prove who you are, maybe we can do something.

So she reads the amount right off the bank statements. she is then told NOPE, that is not the amounts we have here. Sorry we won't close your accounts.

My wife called them 5 - 6 separate times trying to close the account.

She never got anywhere with them.


They already had our bank account number.

And from current google searches it looks like the standard vonage practice was / is to charge us for service forever. Or at least until the money ran out.

By just refusing to close the account.

I did finally get rid of these THIEVES.

I had to close our bank account.

So when they went to STEAL their next illegitimate withdrawal.

The piggy bank was empty.

In the end I lost the number I was trying to preserve. The only reason for using their service in the first place.

This was a few years ago, and now and my wife just got a call from a collection agency working for vonage. "EOSCCA".

Now I'm pissed about the whole situation all over again.

In retribution, I am going to start sharing and posting this story on at least one new forum or blog site per day.

I know I won't run them out of business. But I can EDUCATE and scare the *** out of potential customers with the TRUTH.

And I plan on doing so until I feel better, or vonage comes to the table and makes this right.

I don't think either one of these things is going to happen any time soon. So I am planning a LONG reign of BAD press.

"Save yourselves a lot of trouble if you are looking for phone carrier, stay away from vonage, and if you do go with these THEIVES. NEVER, EVER GIVE vonage YOUR BANK OR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS."

PS. OMG, there are 563 vonage scam reports on

564 now !!! Looks like this is a chronic issue for vonage, tons of people being charged after vonage won't close their accounts. And these are just the ones *** about it on one site. How many people just took it in the *** and moved on ? Smells like class-action time.

We just need to find a sleazy lawyer.

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The same end result is happening to me now. Same collection agency is hounding us by mail and phone.

Canceled / closed account and they refused to close. Had to change bank account to get withdrawls to stop.

"Service" was in 2009. This just cannot be legal!