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The modem Vonage procides is ok and works like advertised if you have a stable and fast internet connection. I used vonage for a long time.

But pricing for the phone service got more an more expensive. So if you consider switching to a VOIP phone provider, make sure you check out the other ones too. When it comes to features for the money some other ones leading by far. Check out Magic Jack.

I had both paralell for over a year. I just switched my number over to the magic jack account and they have equal service at much lower cost. Their android app even lets you send and receive free text messages. So you can use your account to make free phone calls with your cell phone without burning minutes.

My cell has an unlimited data plan so that works great for me.

Vonage is really bad when you try to break up with them (cancel the account). You can not do it online, via email or in writing. The only way to cancel the account is to call a busy 800 number and listen to their hard sales tactics. You better go to a few timeshare presentations before you attempt to cancel with them.

They are giving you a hard sales pitch.

I would not sign up with them again. Anyone that makes joining easy and cancelling really hard is not playing with open cards.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Change policy and allow people to cancel with the same communication means as you sign up..

Vonage Pros: Service until i must contact support.

Vonage Cons: Billing, Support system.

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