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I signed up with Vonage after like most of you I had bad experinces with my previous telecom provide. Immediately after installation I noticed that most outgoing calls would not go through, I often experienced a dead dial tone when attempting to make a call.

On the off chance that I could make a call it was often staticky and impossible to hear the person on the other end. The final draw was when I needed to dial 911 for a burgulary in progress at my home. To my shock and horror (straight out of a horror movie) I picked up the receiver and could not get a dial tone. My cell phone happened to be in my car in the garage, which btw is where the burgular was located.

Thankfully my dog's barking scared off the burgulars. I was unsuccessful in making a call from my landline for several hours. Outraged; the following day I called Vonage and demanded that they cancel my service. As if this nightmare could'nt get any worse.

I was placed on hold several times once they figured out that I was calling to cancel service and not " #2 to upgrade services". Eventually I was transferred to someone who identified himself in the "business development department". When I asked why would I need to speak to someone in the business dev dept in order to cancel service? It became obvious when he tried to convince me to continue services, promised to discount my monthly fee for three months etc.

This heavy-handed sales tactics went on for more than 30 mins. and though I continously insisted that I only wanted to cancel my service and was at work and needed to wrap up the call. After becoming very insistant and aggressive with the guy by demanding that he cancel my services he simply hung up the phone. At this point I was beyond irate and waited until the next day to compose myself and give them the benefit of the doubt that it could have been an honest disconnect (yeah right!).

Needless to say the following day round two; I spoke with someone else in the Business Development dept, and once again I asked if they could transfer me to billing or customer service and NOT a department that would try and sale me on keeping my services. I was told that the Bus Dev Dept was the correct department to cancel services. Here we go again! another 30-45 mins with an overly aggressive sales person, refusing to cancel services although I made it perfectly clear that my only purpose was to cancel services and wished to have the process expediated since I was calling from work.

Obviously these people do not understand clear and concise english and must have been trained to push services regardless of the customers request. It was only after I threatened to contact the FTC/FCC to file a compliant that she reluctantly agreed to cancel my services. Note: this took three separate calls and 2 1/2 hours to accomplish this simple request. You might have thought that the nightmare ended there?

Nope! After my services were finally disconnected they continously billed me for three billing cycles. This required several more calls and endless hours on the phone before I ultimately gave up. PLEASE save yourself the time, headache and frustration.

Their product ***, their customer service ***, their business ethics ***. It's truly NOT worth the headache.

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Some people want to use vonage their way :roll vonage is NOT a landline it is voip and I can tell ya that you were using vonage your way :cry connecting it to your phone jacks OY I hate that!! :( If you don't know about voip then plz remain quiet Tiggs I deal with ppl like you daily who drive me batty!! I been using vonage for over 3yrs and since I understand voip it works great for me :grin I am glad you got it canceled because I can't take talking to people like you when you guys call vonage and cry :upset


When I first got Vonage, the first week was hard. When we transferred our number to Vonage, it took a few days and during that time we were basically without phone service. Once setup, worked great, until our router died and had to replace it, then the new router had a conflict with Vonage. Thankfully a Vonage customer service agent was very helpful and talked me through setting it up and no problems since. More recently, I found 2 charges on my bill that were to the UK (included free in my package) but apparently - NOT to certain numbers, in this case toll free numbers in the UK are charged if calling from the US. So while I can call my family in the UK, I get charged for calling toll free (had to call a customer service number in the UK) But when I asked Vonage about they explained it and refunded the fee. (about $6) They didn't have to do that, because the site does say (which I later read) that certain calls would be additional. So all in all I'm happy with Vonage.

Any problems we've had have come from our internet provider. Vonage uses the internet so if the internet is down, vonage doesn't work. In that case we have it set so any calls go directly to our cell phone.

My wife had to call 911 on Vonage when our 2 yr old was choking. Worked perfectly, ambulance came within minutes and all turned out ok.

I am surprised at the poor customer service you had because they've been great for me. For the line been poor quality or not working, that is your ISP, not vonage. I can't defend poor customer service, but I'm happy with Vonage for 3 years now.