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I signed up for Vonage in October 2007. I moved in December 2007 and called Vonage customer service and told them to cancel my service. Well, two in March I get a bill saying I owe them $135 dollars. For what I said, I cancelled the service a long time ago. They said in December I did not cancel but agreed for two months of free service. After the 2 months were over with they keep billing me the monthly fee although I was not using the service and told them to cancel in December.

Why do I need two months of free service and I moved, told them to cancel, and I have a cell phone. They told me I still will not be able to cancel until I pay the $135 on the account. Furthermore they said after I cancel I will have to pay $125 dollars because I exceed the 60 days window for cancelling without occuring a fee. Well, if the retarded lady had cancel when I told her, instead of trying to keep me on as a customer and keep the money rolling then, I would not be in this mess.

I will never, never, ever get Vonage again. They are corrupt and do not exercise fair business practice to their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $260.

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