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I went to port my number from Vonage to Spectrum as going with Spectrum's triple play package would lower my overall monthly costs.

I completed the third party verification last Friday and provided the physical address on my account. Spectrum called me on Monday to say it filed the porting request and received a rejection response from Vonage that my zip code was incorrect. I confirmed that Spectrum had the right zip code and went online to my Vonage account to confirm that it had the correct zip code (which was the same for both my billing and physical address). Spectrum said that it would re-file.

I received another call from Spectrum today that Vonage again rejected the porting request because of having the wrong zip code. I again had Spectrum read me the zip code and again it was correct. At my request we did a 3 way call and dialed in Vonage. The Vonage rep claimed that the zip code was incorrect because while I provided the correct zip code I did not include the 4 digit extension (also known as the Plus 4 code). I replied that I was logged into my Vonage account and the extension was not part of my billing address...just the regular 5 digit zip. The rep told me to go and look up my 911 information as that is where it has my address listed with the extension. I asked him why didn't Vonage simply tell Spectrum that the extension was needed. Or make it clear on its site that when porting a number away from vonage that the extension for the physical address needs to be included. He had no answer. Basically this is Vonage making it difficult for people to port, slowing down the process and taking more of my money.

(Vonage says it takes 5 days once porting request is filed)

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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