Westminster, California

Vonage bills me for extra 24 days of service after I cancelled their service. I cancelled Vonage because they don't provide good service.

I kept getting the following problems: static during calls, bad connections, echo with every other call and disconnects to name a few. And when my Internet is down, so is Vonage. I then hooked up TWC yesterday for $20 less a month. Vonage was charging me $35, what started at $10 for the first three months.

They now wanted to give 6 months for $10. However, when I called to cancel my service, now all of the sudden, they want to offer me service for $10 a month. I cancelled anyway. But then Vonage gets abusive.

Vonage sends me a bill telling me I am paid until March 21, 2015, when I cancelled February 28, 2015. And then they send me an email for penalties. I did not agree to a contract, but not they say I did, that they sent me an email. I keep all my emails, but I never got one.

Of course I have disputed the 21 days over charge with my credit card company, and will not pay the penalty. I called to get an address so I can return the equipment, but he said I could keep it. I insisted in sending it back. He finally said I was going to get an email with a return label.

Be careful with Vonage, they promise you the moon, but then if you leave their claws are ejected very long. All of the sudden they treat you like an enemy.

Which, I think is a very bad business practice. It will cost a company much, much more to get complaints online, by losing customers and prospective customers than having a friendly policy, even when a customer cancels their service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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