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I signed up for Vonage back in December of 2006 I researched them for a little while and thought it was a better deal than Comcast at the time.

So I went on the Vonage site and signed up. During the signup there is an authorization you had to authorize Vonage to roll the number from Comcast to Vonage. Standard practice between phone companies; what the authorization says is me the verified owner of the number authorizes the new company to take the number. This is a FCC law which allows me the consumer to move to which ever phone company provides better service and/or pricing with out losing my number.

Vonage told us not to contact the current carrier because it could delay things and that the transfer will go through without a hitch. I did not have to contact Comcast and terminate because they where already informed of the transfer. The number took about 7 days to become active on the Vonage service.

After a couple of months my wife decided that she liked Comcast better and to avoid an argument I agreed to switch the number back. Since I wanted my own phone number and I liked the idea of Vonage VOIP service for my office I decided to add an additional number to my Vonage account before she switched our primary number.

So we did everything in reverse, we contacted Comcast and authorized the move of the number back and waited. They told us not to contact the other carrier because it could delay things. The number switched in about 10 days and everything seemed fine.

Here is where it gets weird. I wasn’t paying attention to the email about the Vonage invoices and just assumed everything worked as smoothly as when we switched to Vonage. Well about 2 days ago I looked at one of the Vonage bills and noticed that they where still billing me for both numbers.

I thought it was a simple clerical error and that they would rectify it. So I sent them this message;

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Subject: [ #13777846] Other

We had our 412-734-xxx transferred back to Comcast 4 months ago and I just happened to look on our bill and noticed that you have beenbilling me for that number. Comcast has owned that number formonths now. I need credited for the 1-412-734-xxxx. The onlynumber that should be on this account is the 412-894-xxxx. Comcast confirmed to me that they sent you all the termination/transfer andwe have been receiving calls normally through Comcast. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

They responded with;

--------------------------------------------------------------Dear xxxxx,

Thank you for choosing Vonage, the #1 rated digital phone service!

I understand you have transferred one of your numbers to Comcast and you want credit for non usage of service.

After further review, I am unable to process a credit as requested for the following reason:

I checked our records and found that your number 1-(412)-734-xxx is still active in your account. You will be charged for the monthly plan charges till your is Active.

I regret to inform you that we do not have the roll in porting out a number. Once the number transfer gets completed, you need to contact our Voice Support at toll free number 1-VONAGE-HELP 1-866-243-4357 to cancel your account. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused.

If you have any questions, your Vonage team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us whenever and however it suits you!

- On-Line Help Center at Contact Us at Or call Toll-Free at 1-VONAGE-HELP (1-866-243-4357)

Thanks again for choosing Vonage, a better phone service for less!


Vonage Customer Care-------------------------------------------------------------------

I responded with;

-------------------------------------------------------------So let me understand this, you are charging me for a number you do not own? When I transferred my number from Comcast to you, Comcast immediately Terminated billing for that number once they received the roll over notification. Vonage on the other hand continues to bill customers even when they where notified of a similar roll over request.

That some how does not seem legal and is completely unacceptable. I can not believe that even now that I sent you a complaint regarding incorrect billing, Vonage would still bill me for a number they are perfectly aware they do not own if I do not call them first.

Well now I'm wondering how many others you scamming, scam a month or so from customers that are not aware or this ridicules business practice. I was going to keep my second number but given the latest I will be terminating the entire account and notifying my five friends of your business practices and lack of customer care, hopefully they contact a couple of their friends, and so forth. I'm sure they will terminate this scam.

In addition I filling formal complaints with the FCC and local internet regulating agencies because in my opinion this is a scam and last I looked I still have plenty of options to be heard and Vonage be revealed.



Now remember that Comcast has had my number and billing me for months now. Even after I told them (Vonage) they don’t own the number, they where still going to charge me for something they don’t own or route. Remember Comcast has already notified them and they (Vonage) switched the number to Comcast already. So Regardless of me calling them or not is irrelevant. So Vonage is very much aware of the disconnect.

So anyways, I tried calling them this morning to cancel and the customer service was closed, so I called them around noon after I received this message from them;----------------------------------------------------------------Dear xxxxx,

I understand you have ported your number to another carrier and you are concerned about the charges.

Though your number has been transferred to a different carrier, you need to call us to cancel your number. This is why you are still being billed for the service. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You will be billed for the service as long as the number is active in your account. For security reasons I am unable to process cancellation requests via email.

Please call our Account Management Department at 1-VONAGE-HELP (1-866-243-4357) to remove your number. We are here to help you Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.


So now they admitted they know it’s ported, they don’t run it and yet they still billed me for it.

So at this time I’m a bit angry because the logic is escaping them. They are charging me for a number they don’t own and are aware they don’t run. What’s so hard to understand? Simple right? Wrong!

I called them and got on the phone with their rep, and she said she needed to verify who I was to cancel. I kept my cool and answered her questions. She then came to the big question “Why are you canceling?”.

Trying to be mature about this I explained to her the entire situation that although the number has been ported, they know it’s ported, they where notified it was being ported, they did the porting, what’s the point of calling you if I already authorized the porting? Crying out loud they already received my authorization through my new carrier.

It not like I’m still waiting for them to move it, nor have to authorize Vonage to let it go. Its already moved by my authorization that I gave Comcast.

She then paused, and said well what I can do it is credit you 50.00 or half the amount of the incorrect billing if you stay.

I responded with, why I should lose 50.00 of the 100.00 you robbed from me for? You incorrectly kept billing me for 4 months and now you want to keep 50.00 of the 100.00 that you should not have taken. I said no I want it all and if you cant credit the correct amount terminate the account and I will deal with this legally.

She puts me on hold for 10 minutes and returned to say are you sure you want to cancel, I said unless you credit me the entire amount that you incorrectly billed me for, yes terminate the account.

To my amazement and utter shock she said that there will be a 39.99 early termination fee for each phone number. One of which the they don’t own and haven’t owned for 4 months now.

I responded with this is going be the best legal and news story ever. Have a nice day.

I then got and email from them which stated;

---------------------------------------------------------------Dear xxxxxxx,

Your Vonage service has been cancelled and we successfully processed the below amount to the credit card on your account.

Vonage Account Number: 10050xxxx Date Processed: 08/13/2007Debit Amount: $79.98

A disconnect fee of $39.99 per voice line is charged to all customers plus any applicable taxes per our terms of service. Your total debit of $79.98 includes the disconnect fee, all pending charges, credits and applicable taxes. For more information about the return policy, please visit our terms of service:----------------------------------------------------------------

So I am now in the process of filing paperwork with my attorney, credit card company, FCC, and every news outlet that will hear me.

I think they have scammed thousands of customers on bogus policy that says you have to contact us for a roll over, when you have already contacted and authorized the new carrier to speak in your behalf. Its absurd and I bet if you look further into this I bet there will be a lot of 24.99 over billings they have over charged people for. This is not about the money with me.

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Got some weird credits on my account equaling 309.79. Then a series of other charges (debits) equaling the same amount.


Called the # on my bank statement and the first thing they wanted was my CC# that was charged! Hellllllll no!

So then he said, well I can't look up anything without that so call your bank and ask them and then call us back if you need to. I ended up canceling the debit card to be safe.


ive been reading all these complaints about vonage because WAS thinking of signing on. as expected, there are always complaints and frustrations, as with most companies.

but then i added their site into my favs, just to keep from retyping it every time i needed to verify some facts. guess what, even that was a mistake. them SOB's reaked havick in my browser. couldnt do anything without it taking 5 mins for the page to load and exit, and hard drive was really working HARD.

you think thats how they get info about what sites we go to, like maybe any secured account sites i may go to. glad that i noticed their deception before giving them my left nut.

PS. browser is normal now, but NOT UNTIL emptying the recycle bin. deleting from browser was just NOT good enough!

hope they choke on their money!

so, who will be that first one to tell me that i'm just a *** ***?

probably someone who has an interest($) with vonage... you can burn also!


I hate Vonage, they love to screw people over and not comp you for your trouble.I will pay high land line fee's forever to avaid having to go back to them.I hope everything works out for you!


Just curious how you are doing against these bastards Unfortunately, this company will go bankrupt before you get your money back.


please i would like to be part of this, if i may call it class action againt vonage. Meanwhile, my name is eugene ogbomon i`m currently facing the same thing i just heard from you.

I`m currently billed $147.50 for terminating my acc because they could not port my # plus $31.90 for three month that i did not authorised on my credit card they have on file that i used to order their moderm. for now i`m disputing those charges with my credit card company, but i`m yet to hear from my credit card company.

If you would give me a call at 6782003802 or email @


This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

, let us join hands together to shot this scam company down for good. Company like vonage shouldn`t exist here in united states of America.

Your Sincerely,

Eugene Ogbomon