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I have been a Vonage customer for nearly 7yrs. The reason I switched to Vonage is unlimited calling to India.

Last 2 months I had few relatives from India visiting me and our call volume to India increased. Vonage automatically switched me to a business user plan at a higher rate saying that I exceeded their normal user rate.

The seven years of low usage doesn't count, but when it increased last month Vonage increased my rate plan. When I called to complain, no use.

They say it is their policy and there is nothing they can do. Now my relatives are gone and our India call volume will go down, but they are telling me that will watch me for the next two months and then reduce after two months.

Does this sound reasonable and a good business practice to any one? They advertise unlimited calling, and now they say I did not read fine print. Seven years of usage doesn't count.

Once you exceed you are automatically switched to a different plan. What horrible company to do business with!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Vonage Cons: Deceitfulnesscustomer service, Fine print with unlimited calling.

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