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When my cell phone stopped working properly, I began looking for a new provider and stumbled on to VONAGE. At first glance, I thought they were a good deal.

However, their ad didn't say I needed to have internet access and a home phone.

Unable to install their modem or use it because I had neither internet access or a home phone and was in immediate need of a phone because my apartment lease was ending, I purchased a consumer cellular SIM card a BLU cell phone, making VONAGE's home phone service unnecessary. My bank statements showed that VONAGE was deducting $18+ each month since July 20 regardless of use or installation, a policy and practice which I find predatory and unfair.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Home Phone Service.

Reason of review: Automatic billing regardless of use/installation.

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Same thing happened to me except they have been billing me for 2 yrs. I just found out today, See they billed my credit card on the first when I get my money and pay all my bills including ones that come directly off my card.

When I called the first time I thought someone had stole my info or something like that. I gave all my info and their customer service rep would not give me information about my account the phone number or address even after I gave her my card number that they had been charging for 2 yrs. I asked when the service was started and how long I had been billed for their rep. acted as if she could not access that info.

So I next called my credit card company who did give me answers they told me I had been charged every month for two years. Very little at first 6 dollars then 24 dollars then 40 dollars a month. I then immediately called them back and the next rep was a little better she actually told me how this came to be, She said that i had 2 accounts one was active and one was inactive and she said also the last call on the active account was the one I made to cancel the service 2yrs ago. She apologized and said that it should not have happened.

She said that instead of cancelling the service the person who I asked to cancel the service put it on hold for six months and then they started billing me again. Without no permission I called to cancel I owed them nothing. They stole my money every month. This representative knew that this was so.

She directed me to dispute the charges with the card company and that I could get a refund for the months I was billed after I cancelled. Which I did and now have 45 days to wait and see.


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