Not reviews in years- I ordered Vonage last Sunday- No verification email- salesman was training, he got email wrong, name wrong, told me regular services anyone offers were included in $9.95 later he tells my monthly is 18.95 ( due to tax in fees) tries to tell my "town in same state has different taxes) $2.95 features.. the features in 9.95 price so them a sup get on the phone and says the 2.95 price was to get features they were researches- .

I did not hear anything all week got on chat last as you cannot call them directly. She verifies my info , I her my email wrong ( I told salesperson twice ) she them tell the number was in process of porting and asked to verify alternate, I did ( which I was my cell) she tell me no that I wrong I give her my Land line number and she comfirm it as alternate. THEY PORTED THE WRONG NUMBER - tonight Proceeded to tell me they were trying to contact " other carrier" so they could contact " the carrier to port my number" I said what other carrier he " I cannot tell you that" I say : I have Comcast I am porting = What is the carrier. It was AT&T as I callame3ned both carrier while thinking of reasons to keep chat going.

Proceeded to tell me he even about my cell number - I said you do as you ported it and it is listed as alternate. I called my military banking company no charges on allowed on my Credit card- new ones on route, call Comcast - they will not let them get my number, call AT&T and told them to stop the phone number transfer that they were transferring wrong number.

This was to be taken care of last nite- oh yeah- the today the chat guy wants my credit info- Buyer before. below is the entire chat- this is clear indiction in my opinion of fraud- I told them I cancelled and my credit is getting my money back, complain to be file read chat copy on next post.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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