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Their new system has a feature that will automatically upgrade your call recording hours if you reach your limit. You initially receive 500 recorded hours, and if you reach that limit you get charged $19.99 for each additional 250 hours. Perfect. Reasonable.

However, our issue is regarding this auto charge system clocking us in with an additional TEN THOUSAND hours this month which equals an additional 40 x 250 hour buckets at $19.99 each.

All the months we've been using this system it has work flawlessly, we continue to monitor our usage and delete recordings out of the system when we start to reach our threshold. Even if we don't catch it in time and end up going over, an additional charge of $19.99 per month isn't much of an issue.

But TEN THOUSAND extra HOURS???!!! This is literally impossible for us to use that many recording hours in 1 month. Each of our 4 in-house phone representatives would need to record 83 hours of calls per day.... Every day of the month. You do the math... Impossible.

Vonage recognized that something went wrong in their system, but I've spoken with 4 different supervisors already who have been investigating what happened with their engineers and still do not have a refund. Never do I get a call back when they say they will call back, only once did they call back one of my co-workers (A different number than I asked them to reach me back on). And in the mean time, we're out $800 bucks until they get their *** together. Our next step in this debacle will be disputing the charge with our credit card provider and having them pull the payment back. This is unacceptable. Hope nobody else has to deal with their poor customer service and over-all, head up their *** attitude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Plan.

Reason of review: System Glitch overbill.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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