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Vonage robbing my mom

My mom(78yrs old and hard of hearing)went to Best Buy to get a cheap land line phone.somehow ended up with a vonage phone.ok,simple mistake.after i had seen the phone i told her to return it.she neither had internet access or a phone line.the box was never opened and a call was never made in any way.then she starts getting billed by Vonage.She had my brother look into the situation and it turned out the email linked to account was a guy in either through fraud or a Vonage mistake,shes being held responsible for the 100 dollar bill.Now shes 80 and just was informed by mail,shes being sent to a collection agency for the 98 dollars.a year ago my brother spent endless hours on the phone with Vonage and it was supposed to be taken care of.To me this seams like Vonage enjoys preying on the elderly.Now my moms in tears about her credit rating and trying to sell heirlooms and personal items she loves to pay the bill just to make it go away.Tomorrow(10/2/12)I'm calling the collection agency and if this doesnt get resolved,im contacting AARP and possibly an attorney.If anyone else has somewhere i can call,please reply.thanks and stay away from Vonage.
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Between and there are OVER 1500 complaints about vonage.

And these are just the people *** about it on two sites. how many are there that have not seen these sites or just don't get mad enough to complain ?

Part of the scheme is to NEVER let you get to anyone who can nor will do anything for you to resolve this. Just look at all of the people who opened accounts and now they either refuse to close the accounts or just refuse to stop billing them.

This is just business as usual for them.

When really nasty things start happening to this internet company, like a vindictive group of hackers from def-*** start. . . . (use your imagination). I will find it hard to shed a tear at their plight, after what they have done to their customers.

Good luck to you.

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Vonage Phone Service

Vonage in New York, New York - Refused to address Callers to my telephone cannot hear me due to static.

Callers have been unable to hear for the past 5 days when they try to call me due to static. have made over 20 repair calls to Vonage over past 5 days. Vonage Ticket #42771871. Vonage India tech support could not help and Refused to transfer me to Advanced Tech or to Tech Support in USA. insisted they call me to troubleshoot, but they cannot hear me. Said there was nothing they could do. Waste of money and time to outsource tech support when there is no tech support at Vonage. Outrageous to waste my time and spend money on a service that cannot provide any service. How do I get someone to repair this phone or how do I get a land line. The old telephone system always worked
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Vonage Phone Service

Vonage never cancelled service, found out 3 years later

I was a Vonage customer in 2009. Finding no need for a home phone anymore, I cancelled my service (or so I thought). Having heard nothing from Vonage or anyone representing them for the last three years, I assumed the matter was finished. Now, three years later, I received a letter from a collection agency claiming that I owe Vonage money for unpaid services. I contacted the collection agency who then told me to contact Vonage. In speaking with Vonage, they informed me that they had in fact never cancelled my service. I asked several times why I was never informed of their claims, or even that my account was still active. They claimed that they called me (on the Vonage phone that I thought was disconnect and was no longer using), and emailed me (to an old email that I had not updated because, again, I thought my Vonage account was disconnected). I further questioned why, seeing as they had my address, they never sent me something in the mail with their claims. Their only response was that they, "...don't do that..." A simple internet search showed that apparently Vonage is known for this. Customers call to cancel their accounts, only to find out days, weeks, months, or in my case years later, that Vonage in fact did not honor their request and either continued charging their card or claiming that more money was owed. I have already filed a report with the Better Business Bureau and the FCC. Vonage's business practices are the most bizarre I've ever seen and if it wasn't so aggravating it would actually be laughable.
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Maria, I'm really sorry to hear that. I was able to resolve it, ironically, through Twitter. For some reason Vonage puts the least capable people on their phone lines and I was able to get a direct number for a more capable person from Vonage through Twitter, after bombarding them with dozens of tweets. I should mention that this was also after I had already filed reports with the FCC and Better Business Bureau.

I would suggest first filing reports with the FCC ( and Better Business Bureau ( Them contact Vonage (through twitter seems to find the more capable employees, God knows why), and inform them that you have already filed reports with the FCC and BBB.

I hope you're able to get it resolved, but know that you're not the only one. They have done the same exact thing to hundreds, if not thousands of people.


The same happened to me.. exactly the same.

I cancelled my service in 2009 and now, 3 years later, I'm being accused of owing them $60 by a collection agency. How did you resolve the issue?


correction: thy used my CC W/OUT authorization.



VONAGE WONT BE AROUND LONG, we all ahud do a class action suit. I had service w/ them 2011.

I canceled service and it was verified tht service was canceled 9/2011 bcuz we moved to Ga. In Nov. 2011 thy unauthorized using my cc for a payment of 58.00 for unpaid bills from Sept 2011 to Nov. 2011 thy agreed tht service was canceled and refunded me the 58.00.

Up til now I *** it was,a done deal. but it wasnt.

Thy again charged my acct 36.00 for unpaid bills from Nov 2011 to present May 2012. I called thm again and said thy never canceled service and the balance is owed, thm using my credit card w/ authorization.

This is robbery and deceitful...

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Vonage Phone Service


Please go to MSNBC click on MSNBC investigates to expose this thief Jeff Citron Vonage is a scam the FBI needs to step in the FCC and BBB does BS on consumer matters these days . Vonage can't keep getting away with this Vonage robbed my sister for $1300 . Vonage refunded me for one line I had lines I was trying to discontinue services with them when they saw they couldn't charge me for cancellation or any other fee's their excuse to keep my money is to tell me I have service on 1 of the lines which is a bunch of bs the phone isn't working and they told me to mail back the adapter once they saw they couldn't charge me for that they just talk *** over the phone I couldn't speak to account manager dept and I waited ont he phone for 35-45 min. To hear I'm still receiving services after iI called 15x to cut the services . Do you see the scam ?
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When or if you used a debit card to pay for your Vonage bill. Just ask your bank to reissue a new debit card.

This will stop Vonage from auto bill your checking or saving account.

My bank will do this for no charge and told me about this. Never give internet purchases your checking or saving account numbers, use the debit card!!

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Vonage Phone Service

Vonage rips off another!

I too have been ripped off by Vonage. I cancelled my service and had to pay for 2 lines of cancellations of $39.99, and also the equipment for $79.99. I don't want it, but they won't take it back. One phone line was a $24.99 rate, the other a $14.99. But yet I pay the $39.99 for each one. Even though the service was less than perfect. Did not work most the time, not compatiable with my internet service at all! When you cancel they harass you to remain a customer. The response team leaves messages for me to call them back, but can never get through. We have been playing phone tag for a week now. I do work, and cannot be home the hours they are availiable, not sure why they cannot handle it via email! At any rate, I am still trying to get a hold of the response person!
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Glad i looked into this before going on with it...vonage *** salty balls :(


First off... I am not a big fan of Vonage, However...everything you said was in the Terms of Service.

Do not complain about something if you do not read the terms of service. Secondly, if you did not refer to your billing to make sure all the charges were correct and then not even change it when you found out it was, shame on you. Third...The Service works as well as your Internet connection. You get a time to try the service to see if you like it, then, you get your money back.

Everything is in the TOS.

Maybe people should pay attention to the fine print, rather than signing up for things in the blind and blaming other's for their lack of education. :(


This is why they're about to go out of business.

I'm shocked that people complain when they try to purchase an inferior product. If Vonage was such a good product, then why to they need to discount vs a regular phone line?

Also, if you want privacy, then why would you want your phone conversations sent through the internet? It's scary enough giving credit card numbers over your cell phone, but using the internet for phone service?

Vonage, Time Warner Cable phone, etc are all digitized packet phone services. If you want cheap, don't complain about cheap quality.

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Vonage Phone Service

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