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I have had no phone service for almost 11 days. Tech support was not availabe immediately, incorrect appointments, missed appointments (couldn't reach me on the phone, duh) I hired an Electrician who discovered some incorrect wiring outside (Vonage installation) He got it working for almost a day. Same sound returned. Had been on the phone hours day and night--- nothing. Paid $120 for the Electrician. Vonage couldnt help again with Tech support (dont carry new modems)Must order separately. Now, I'lll be into almost 3 weeks without phone service. Bought a new modem from Walmart- $80. Vonage could not help me install it--

This has gone on for days . I am now sick, have been up late at night several nights... and nothing has been accomplished except now i have a router that doesnt work. Vonage has not agreed to reimburse me for the electrician ($120) or the new Vonage modem (80)

Please do not use Vonage

Everyone I spoke to (dozens) were non-native English speakers. Since I teach that subject (ESL), I have more patience than most.... i could not handle NOT being able to understand key words or phrases when trying to get help.

This experience has been a nightmere, and I left out so much. Similar service at Verizon is 3 times the cost of Vonage. The only other option is Charter, and they are the reason I left for Vonage. No one there could fix my phone connection for 8 months. I do not want to walk around using a cell phone. This whole situation is untenable.

Please do not use Vonage!

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