Portland, Oregon

I signed up for a $9.99 Vonage account in June of last year. The first charge was $16.28, meaning they tack on $6.29 in taxes and fees which is a ridiculous amount on a $9.99 billing. Anyway, shortly thereafter (2 months) they tacked on another $1.00 in fees. Then this month they tacked on another $3.00 in fees. Today my bill is $20.62. They are now charging me more in taxes and fees than I am paying for the service! When I signed up with them, no one told me that they could arbitrarily tack on fees whenever they wanted to.

I called today (after taking over 5 minutes trying to find a phone number, it's buried very deep) and talked to a representative who was singularly unhelpful. Then he transferred me to "Account Services". When the representative there figured out that I was angry, she hung up on me! The first representative told me that I would be charged an "early cancellation fee" if I cancel my account now. And that early cancellation fee will be $99.00 even though I only have one more month on the current yearly contract!

Don't sign up for a Vonage account unless you are willing to allow them to tack on new fees whenever they want.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

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