Whitehall, Michigan
Not resolved

My base bill is 14.99 then they charge me 15 dollars tax and fees there should be laws against this! I have called and customer service if you can understand them sucks and they just say well thats what we have to charge per state.

I dont buy it!

I think its bs. I dont have anything else to say but this site wants 100 words so the rest of this is going to be filler sorry beb ebeb beb egb ebv fgegfe fef fef fef def fe fff fef ef efef fe fe ff ef efef e efefef feff efgrgr ffef fefefg fefefe fefef fefef fefef fefef effge fefe eff fefe g efdjkfj ef hefieh hifeh fojef ejhefioef refehfe fdefe ef ef fe f eefe fefe e f hth t htyh t rrger e w wdw e fgr tr ghtr r e e ef ef r grg rgr g h th hth th t ht t h ref e e efefe r gr g r rt hrt ht tyh t th th th th g rtgr g rg r gr gr grg r rg r r r r rg r e fef ef ee f e ef e fef r gr hg h

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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