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I have been a Vonage customer for nearly 7yrs. The reason I switched to Vonage is unlimited calling to India. Last 2 months I had few relatives from India visiting me and our call volume to India increased. Vonage automatically switched me to a business user plan at a higher rate saying that I exceeded their normal user rate. The seven years of low usage doesn't count, but when it increased last month Vonage increased my rate plan. When I... Read more

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it doesn't allow the customer to leave after the trial period, it plays a trick of rebate/credit back and bluffs the customer. when the customer realizes the trick he will be under contract and can't move out. I am being with Vonage from 03/2015 and pissed off on below points 1. hidden charges to advertising cost. 2. can't able to configure auto payment options. 3. can't disconnect the service whenever we need. 4. Contracts 5. poor customer... Read more

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I tried contacting Vonage Tech Support to have them fix an issue on their end and it took 45 minutes to be able to reach them. I tried contacting On Friday for same issue and gave up after waiting for half an hour. It seems they have very limited resources within their tech support deptt. They always have the same recordings that they are experiencing very high call volumes at this time. I think they should give more importance to Tech Support,... Read more

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I don't understand why I have to wait 48 minutes to reach a support representative when my business phones are down and I'm losing thousands of dollars every minute. What a disgrace. I am paying over $800 a month to Vonage and this is the micky mouse service that we receive in return. The current leadership at Vonage is what we call "penny wise pound foolish." They're trying to pocket every cent but refuse to put some of that back into their... Read more

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Do not believe the ads that say Vonage can be used on satellite systems. I tried it on both Hughes and Dish systems. The upload speed is entirely too low. It would need to be at lease ten times faster to meet the minimum requirements. Vonage sounds like they offer some really good plans, but dont waste your money if you are on satellite.

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Your better off with comcast, verizon or some other company. You get what you pay for. Every time you call you wait at least 15 minutes or more to talk to someone and no one speaks good English. They charged me twice on the same billing day. I held on forever before I got someone to correct the problem. The phone service was what I expected for $20.00 a month, dropped calls and static on the line. I will probably never use this service again and... Read more

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They over charged me . I tried calling several times in my first month i was on hold forever. So i never spoke to anyone. I tried canceling online. You can' t cancel online. I finally called when i didn't have 4 kids running around. I was on hold for over an hour getting transferred from one person to the next. They all have broken english , i couldnt understand what they were saying. Finally a supervisor gets on the phone he can speak a little... Read more

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To Whom It May Concern; I have been with Vonage over 2 years because they have always been responsive and provided good service. So when I decided to add a new line to my house I naturally called Vonage. I am sorry to say I have been thoroughly disappointed in my recent transactions with Vonage. I have had to call 4 times trying to get a single line added. The 2nd time I called I was on the phone for over 2 hours and when the call was completed... Read more

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I speechless with my experience with vonage customer service and vonage service in general. Besides employing half retarded customer service in Mumbai who don't have understanding of US realities, the system often crashes with callers getting error recordings eg. subscriber you have diled is not in service ... Really? then you try to reach customer service and system puts you on 25 minutes waiting after which you get so dicusted that you hang... Read more

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I received the vonage phone and the sales guy always uttered of the discounted charges fixed for a usage time period but never uttered any word on charges that will be levied on the pre closure . Now they demand 33$ on prorate to terminate the line , else they suggest to put on hold and make you pay 6$ to keep it active . Vonage Never take the cancellation request from your registered email , how to keep track of the cancellation is no idea .... Read more

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